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Bone Broth: Magical Benefits And How It’s Made

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Ever wondered what’s this new trending beverage in town that all experts have been talking about? So, what’s in this magical mug? Bone broth. This amazing elixir is extraordinarily rich in proteins and minerals and is considered a great “medicine” in many cultures due to its health benefits. Here are some of the many reasons you should consume bone broth too.

1. Supports joints, teeth, nails and skin

Bone broth with vegetables and meat provides a good source of proteins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. All these are needed for collagen production. Collagen keeps the skin firm, smooth and reduces signs of aging. It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin and other compounds that support joint health and strengthen your teeth. If you have an infant, bone broth for babies nutrient-dense beverage helps broaden baby’s palate, strengthens growing teeth and bone and builds connective joints.

2. Improves digestion and immunity

A cup of bone broth a day works miracles. It is a source of bio-available nutrients in an easy-to-digest form. Due to its high concentration of amino acids, bone broth can help strengthen your immune system. The gelatin found in this superfood treats leaky gut syndrome and protects non-leaky guts as well. This improves digestion and helps cure chronic constipation, diarrhea, and even some food intolerance. Sounds better yet?

3. Improves sleep

Experts have proven that glycine found in bone broth help people sleep better, feel better and improve memory.

How is it made?

Although there are many places you can buy bone broth, the cheapest and the most nutrient-dense way is to make it yourself, if you can find quality bones locally. Here is all you need to do:

1. Place bones in a large stock pot and cover with water.

2. To pull out essential nutrients from the bones, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water before cooking.

3. Fill stock pot with filtered water and leave plenty of room for water to boil.

4. Start heating slowly and when it starts boiling reduce heat to simmer for at least 6 hours removing scum as it rises.

5. Cook at low heat in order to extract the nutrients from the bones. For chicken bones, cook for 24 hours and for beef bones, cook for 48 hours. You can add vegetables such as garlic, carrots and onions in order to add more nutrients.

6. Remove from heat and let it cool. A layer of fat may form on top. Skim this layer off with a spoon and enjoy your broth.

To wrap it up, adding bone broth to your diet is a gentle way to get important nutrients into the body. It’s an amazing path back to loving and nourishing yourself.  To find out more information on bone broth just visit