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Why Owning A Bouncy Castle Is Better Than Renting One

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Jumping castles provide an excellent form of recreation, particularly when creating fun for kids. Children of all ages love to rock, roll and jump in bouncy castles. Consequently, due to their increasing popularity, jumping houses are now top function/party entertainment items, prompting some parents to wonder whether owning a jumping castle instead of renting them is a wise decision. Below are benefits of buying and factors to consider when shopping for this essential entertainment item.

A worthy single investment

When one hires a jumping castle over an extended period, they spend much more money than they would if he or she simply bought one. Additionally, hiring involves many hidden costs that include those of labor, insurance, and transportation the sum of which make it even more expensive. So, by buying, a parent avoids spending small amounts of money that in the long run totals more than they would by hiring it from time to time.

Rent out and make money

The bouncy castle can act as a source of income in that whenever you are not using it; you can rent it out to occasional users. It is important to make sure the people you rent it maintains and keep your inflatable safe and secure to uphold its pristine status. Keeping the jumping castle safe and well-maintained goes a long way in helping you get more than its cost; further rendering buying a jumping castle a worthy undertaking.


It may not be possible to hire a bouncy castle continuously compelling you to plan your function around its availability. Owning it, on the other hand, implies you are free to set it up anytime you want without having to wait. Owning a jumping castle, therefore, is much more fulfilling since it eliminates any such inconveniences.

Factors to consider when deciding

1. Usage

Establish if you need bouncy castle frequently. People who throw parties often need to own jumping castle because they only make one payment and use it for an extensive duration of time.

2. Budget

Hiring cost depends on how long you will be using it as well as the transportation distance involved. So, if you will be using it frequently buy one and maintain it well.


Jumping castles for sale on the internet are competitively priced to provide great value for money. Put into consideration the above factors to make the most prudent decision. Generally, though, unless you intend to use it only once, owning the bouncy castle is a lot more beneficial than hiring it.