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Are you confused about all the home school curriculum choices out there? Do the struggles in your home make you wonder if you've picked the right materials to help your child both love learning and be successful? Have you bought so much home school curriculum ? some of it perhaps still unused -- that your bookshelves are overflowing? It all looks so good, how do you choose?

Hi, my name is Hilary, a homeschooling mom of four kids and, yes, I can really relate to those situations! I have definitely felt overwhelmed and frustrated at times in my homeschooling journey. And I have spent way too many hours surfing the Internet trying to find the best home school curriculum for our kids. So if you feel frustrated and ready for a change, let me just tell you -- you are not alone!

So is there any hope to get off the curriculum merry-go-round? How can you find home school curriculum that will really work?

I have good news for all of us who struggle with this! Yes, there absolutely is hope!

Through my own experience and several years of research, I have come up with a simple, do-able plan to help you find out what home school curriculum will be best for you and your child. I will walk through the process with you through this site and through a 7-part eCourse that you can start receiving right now!

I'll give you tons of help through this website and especially through the eCourse, but I'll be honest -- I won't tell you a specific home school curriculum is The One for you. I also won't tell you that following Thus-and-Such-Method will solve all your homeschooling problems. After all, how could I do this without getting to know you first?

What I will do on this site is to help you in two ways. One is to give you information about various home school curriculum options to give you a sense of what some of their pros and cons are. Where I've used some material, I tell you my experience. Where I've learned some general information about other home school curriculum resources that I think would be helpful to you, I include that. And as I'm able to add pages, I'll also be including a way for you to share your opinions of curriculum you've used.

The second way I want to help you is by assisting you in getting to know your own core values about how your approach home schooling. For instance...

  • How do you want to be involved in teaching your child? You might not realize there are a variety of options available.
  • How (and when) do you want your child to interact with controversial subjects?
  • How will you motivate your child when he doesn't want to do his work?

All of the answers to these questions have to do with some core value that you have about educating your child. Your core values, in turn, naturally influence what kind of home school curriculum will work for you. In the free eCourse I give you some Actions Steps and simple questions that help a busy parent like yourself understand what is important to your family and then apply that knowledge when considering various home school curriculum.

Let me encourage you to bookmark this site, tell your friends, and sign up for the free eCourse. I am not charging anything for the eCourse because I want everyone, regardless of the resources they have, to be able to benefit from that information.

My hope is that I can take some of the frustration out of choosing home school curriculum, and give you more confidence and direction in making good choices. As you get to know your core values I believe that will help both you and your child find real joy and success. Thanks for joining me!

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