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News Trends And Headlines – Finding News Online

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There was a time when the only source of news for the people was the print media. Over the years their popularity has not reduced, but there was certainly a dent created in the overwhelming popularity with the advent of radio first and electronic visual media like TV and videos next. They were also much faster and updated in comparison to their print media counterpart, and gradually people turned their attention to this electronic audio and visual media for latest news.

While many people, especially those from the older generations are still attached to print, and electronic media, a new and faster source has entered the fray. This is Internet, and World Wide Web that is gradually becoming a part of the daily lives of the people and most people are resorting to this new and very powerful online news for anything from latest business news through news on entertainment, sports, politics, economics, science, technologies, and such others. It is not only the largest existing library on the planet earth but also the largest updated news source in existence for any information seeker.

One of the reasons is that people simply do not read as often as they used to. People seem busier than ever, and just do not spend time reading.

Many change the habits of their news, watching three big network news and TV programs in place of the newspaper. With so many options on TV news, it looks like there’s a news station for every taste.

Although many “adult” adults still prefer newspapers, “young” adults seem to prefer to receive news on the Internet. Television news is still the most accessible source of news, but the Internet is quickly becoming a favorite source of news, especially in the form of news blogs, news portals, and online newspapers.

The daily news is becoming more popular. And there are many news blogs on the Internet.  Part of what makes news blogs so attractive is that they can be used as an RSS feed. This allows you to use the news feed on other blogs throughout the Internet, and also allows you to read the news feed by a much larger number of viewers.

Although newspapers may be in decline, this does not mean that people have stopped reading the news, only where they read their news. Thus, it seems that if you do not receive your news on the Internet, you may soon find yourself in the minority.

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Bone Broth: Magical Benefits And How It’s Made

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Ever wondered what’s this new trending beverage in town that all experts have been talking about? So, what’s in this magical mug? Bone broth. This amazing elixir is extraordinarily rich in proteins and minerals and is considered a great “medicine” in many cultures due to its health benefits. Here are some of the many reasons you should consume bone broth too.

1. Supports joints, teeth, nails and skin

Bone broth with vegetables and meat provides a good source of proteins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. All these are needed for collagen production. Collagen keeps the skin firm, smooth and reduces signs of aging. It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin and other compounds that support joint health and strengthen your teeth. If you have an infant, bone broth for babies nutrient-dense beverage helps broaden baby’s palate, strengthens growing teeth and bone and builds connective joints.

2. Improves digestion and immunity

A cup of bone broth a day works miracles. It is a source of bio-available nutrients in an easy-to-digest form. Due to its high concentration of amino acids, bone broth can help strengthen your immune system. The gelatin found in this superfood treats leaky gut syndrome and protects non-leaky guts as well. This improves digestion and helps cure chronic constipation, diarrhea, and even some food intolerance. Sounds better yet?

3. Improves sleep

Experts have proven that glycine found in bone broth help people sleep better, feel better and improve memory.

How is it made?

Although there are many places you can buy bone broth, the cheapest and the most nutrient-dense way is to make it yourself, if you can find quality bones locally. Here is all you need to do:

1. Place bones in a large stock pot and cover with water.

2. To pull out essential nutrients from the bones, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water before cooking.

3. Fill stock pot with filtered water and leave plenty of room for water to boil.

4. Start heating slowly and when it starts boiling reduce heat to simmer for at least 6 hours removing scum as it rises.

5. Cook at low heat in order to extract the nutrients from the bones. For chicken bones, cook for 24 hours and for beef bones, cook for 48 hours. You can add vegetables such as garlic, carrots and onions in order to add more nutrients.

6. Remove from heat and let it cool. A layer of fat may form on top. Skim this layer off with a spoon and enjoy your broth.

To wrap it up, adding bone broth to your diet is a gentle way to get important nutrients into the body. It’s an amazing path back to loving and nourishing yourself.  To find out more information on bone broth just visit

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Why Owning A Bouncy Castle Is Better Than Renting One

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Jumping castles provide an excellent form of recreation, particularly when creating fun for kids. Children of all ages love to rock, roll and jump in bouncy castles. Consequently, due to their increasing popularity, jumping houses are now top function/party entertainment items, prompting some parents to wonder whether owning a jumping castle instead of renting them is a wise decision. Below are benefits of buying and factors to consider when shopping for this essential entertainment item.

A worthy single investment

When one hires a jumping castle over an extended period, they spend much more money than they would if he or she simply bought one. Additionally, hiring involves many hidden costs that include those of labor, insurance, and transportation the sum of which make it even more expensive. So, by buying, a parent avoids spending small amounts of money that in the long run totals more than they would by hiring it from time to time.

Rent out and make money

The bouncy castle can act as a source of income in that whenever you are not using it; you can rent it out to occasional users. It is important to make sure the people you rent it maintains and keep your inflatable safe and secure to uphold its pristine status. Keeping the jumping castle safe and well-maintained goes a long way in helping you get more than its cost; further rendering buying a jumping castle a worthy undertaking.


It may not be possible to hire a bouncy castle continuously compelling you to plan your function around its availability. Owning it, on the other hand, implies you are free to set it up anytime you want without having to wait. Owning a jumping castle, therefore, is much more fulfilling since it eliminates any such inconveniences.

Factors to consider when deciding

1. Usage

Establish if you need bouncy castle frequently. People who throw parties often need to own jumping castle because they only make one payment and use it for an extensive duration of time.

2. Budget

Hiring cost depends on how long you will be using it as well as the transportation distance involved. So, if you will be using it frequently buy one and maintain it well.


Jumping castles for sale on the internet are competitively priced to provide great value for money. Put into consideration the above factors to make the most prudent decision. Generally, though, unless you intend to use it only once, owning the bouncy castle is a lot more beneficial than hiring it.

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How To Deal With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety affects each one of us from time to time. It just seems to come with the territory. Most often, though, we simply manage to shake it off and get on with our life with no real harm done. With chronic anxiety, however, things are different. Unlike panic attacks and social anxiety, other forms of anxiety disorder’s that usually manifest when the person is already an adult, Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short, may well have existed for as long as the person can remember.

People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder find themselves worrying about everyday matters to a degree far beyond what is rational. Anxiety like this can interfere with a person’s life, as one worry replaces another and imagined disaster lurks just around the corner. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is very often accompanied by a variety of physical difficulties. These can include tiredness, difficulty in concentrating, headaches, muscular tension, nausea, irritability, and insomnia.

Though research has demonstrated that Generalized Anxiety Disorder tends to be more common in women than in men, it really can affect anyone. It is estimated that around 5% of the population suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Because many people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder cannot remember a time when they did not have anxiety, there are those who believe that it might best be thought of as a personality disorder.

Drug treatment has produced very limited results in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and for this reason, there is a need for a different approach. Cognitive behavioral therapy has produced a lessening of symptoms in some people, yet there is an alternative treatment that focuses not only on the symptoms but also on the cause and drivers of those symptoms. And this treatment is transformation hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder can work in several different ways and on various levels. At the primary level, hypnotherapy can greatly aid a person to relax and release the accumulated stress and tension that Generalized Anxiety Disorder has produced.

Additionally, in hypnosis, we can anchor calmness responses and teach strategies to help the person cope better with the anxiety itself. This is a far more natural and effective manner of getting rid of Generalized Anxiety Disorder than taking drugs. Good self-hypnosis recordings specifically designed to deal with anxiety are very effective for many people struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and can help bring real relief. For truly in-depth therapy, however, it’s hard to beat working one on one with an experienced hypnotherapist; this can uncover the unique causes and drivers of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Once uncovered, the program that has created and maintained the anxiety can be neutralized.

If you or someone you know suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, do not despair. With the right kind of hypnotherapy, you really can take back control and enjoy a more relaxed and calmer life once more.

The Basics To Home Schooling

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Why bother home-schooling?

Why bother? Well, if you are thinking it is a bother, you might re-think your decision right there. To educate your child at home is not a bother, but a wonderful, richly rewarding experience that benefits you and your child. So, take the “bother” word from your vocabulary if you really would like that opportunity. Yes, this is your opportunity and your child’s opportunity.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, then you have the opportunity to have wonderful learning experiences by home-schooling your child. In most states, home-schooling is legal, a legal option. There are some guidelines and rules and regulations that you need to follow, but after that everything rocks! (In some states, there are a certain amount of days that you have to notify the Board of Education that you intend to home-school your child).

You cannot simply keep your child from school and decide to home school. You must, almost always notify the School Board or the Board of Education. You can find out the rules and regulations through your government officials or through some wonderful home-schooling magazines and literature. Once you find out the rules and regulations, you are set to go.

Are there benefits to home-schooling?

Time, Balance, Growth & Togetherness

When home-schooling is done in the proper way, your child will have a fully-balanced education and will become a well-rounded good student. The rewards are unmeasurable. First, one of the benefits is that you both spend more time together and give each other more attention. The average student sees their parent for probably a few minutes a day during the week, or at most an hour or two. However, the average home-schooling parent or guardian sees their child on a regular basis for a few hours a day (when that parent or guardian is teaching). You will learn together! Now that’s one of the biggest and best benefits of home-schooling. The teacher and the student learn from each other. You grow together. And you can look back on this experience in years to come and both of you will be happy about your choices and decisions. Children get to spend more time with their siblings, and the younger ones will learn while the older ones are learning also.

You will have more time for each other. You can make practically any life-lesson an education lesson. Going to the supermarket or going to a department store is a lesson in buying, purchasing, finances and product comparison. Going to a fast food place is a lesson in food, health, and in purchasing and even a lesson in customer service. The fast food process shows the children very valuable marketing lessons. So things in every day life add to your home schooling experience.

Good Education

Another benefit is a great education. You see first hand what your child is learning without the need for PTA meetings and without the need for a strangers’ report on your child’s progress. You choose your child’s education. If you want to teach your child spiritual lessons, you can do that. You can teach religion as history and history as religious lessons. (Look at all the Christians in history and look at the impact they made in our land). You can teach fun science lessons and math lessons. A trip to the bank and to the ATM will be a great business math lesson.

You can even take a trip to the Treasury Building and other related places. Your child will benefit first hand so much more in seeing and doing rather than relying on mostly book-based education. (Yes, you need books and you use books, but you do not depend on them solely as your only education tool). Socialization happens just as easily with home-schooled children as it does for children who attend school in school buildings. Many times when we do television shows, we invite the home-school children, parents and guardians to come into our studio, take a tour and be on the show. So, your options are wide open and your world is your education. Another benefit is a focused education. You are the teacher; you are in charge. That gives you lots of options and lots of opportunities.

What are the problems related to home-schooling?

There are few problems to home-schooling, and these are some:

Your child might miss the classmates if your child started out with regular education and now switched to home-schooling.

How do you solve those problems?

The way to overcome this is to have your child interact as much as possible with the children from the other schools. Invite the children (with parents’ permission) to come on some day trips with you . Or invite them over after school. Have your child enroll in a hobby that he or she likes . (Children take up piano or bowling, or art , and in these hobbies the children make new friends and have interaction with children their own age). Use your own imagination and you will find ways to have your child interact with other children and still be home-schooled.


Most school districts require specific tests for home-schoolers. But the tests are no harder than those given to regular school children. So, prepare for the tests. They also usually require that a licensed teacher observe or give the tests. This can all be arranged. If you are determined to home-school, there is nothing that should stop you from at least trying this option of education.


Years ago, there used to be a stigma attached to home-schooling. Years ago, most times farmers and poor people and migrant workers home-schooled. Sometimes children and even adults made fun of home-schoolers. But today, that is all changed around remarkably. And this was especially noted when one year, the home-schooled child won the National Spelling Bee on national tv, proving that she was the best speller in the nation. Even after that so many came forward on television stating they had been home-schooled and were now attending college or had graduated from conventional colleges.

What if you change your mind? If you change your mind about home-schooling, you have a right to have your child attend public school. Check with your school district. Most times in most cities, every child is entitled to a free public education, and most likely you live in a city or town like that. So don’t worry about changing your mind -if you find that home-schooling is impossible for you to do.

Where can I get supplies or books if I educate my child/children at home?

Look online! Do a search for everything related to home-schooling. There are entire companies who focus on nothing but home-school supplies, books and videos. There are plenty of companies out there for you to become educated about home-schooling. You can become an expert in home-schooling if you want to be.

For art lessons, contact the Pearl Paint Store in New York City. They have a mail-order company also and you will find every single item you need for any arts or arts and crafts lessons that you choose to give. For math and business and finances, write to the Treasury Department, the consumer department, you will be amazed at what is available for free. Write away to Pueblo and ask for the government information catalog. This catalog is a hub of wonderful ideas, books, booklets and pamphlets, many that you can use in your school.

Should I home-school my child?

This is the hardest question that you ask. The answer is obvious. Only you and your child know if you should home-school your child. Know that this is hard work, mixed with lots of fun and great together times. So you must be ready for hours of hard work if you choose home-schooling. If you are ready for that and if you have the time for that , then you know what to do.

Our Experience

In the past I have home-schooled my three children (before they became of school age), and every one of them went into school way ahead of the class. By the time one child was in second grade, that child was tested and found to be able to read college journals. So home-schooling works, even when it is ‘unofficial” home-schooling. The tools that I used were everything that was around. . For example, before my children learned to read, we both would be walking down the street and come to the stoplight. The light was marked with the word, “STOP”, and that , to me, was and is a reading lesson. We would read all the words that we passed as we walked down the street. I was doing the home-schooling thing as my child and I walked along the sidewalk. That was “Reading 101”.

Simple and fun as this was – this game of reading, this was the game that enabled my children to enter school reading years before their classmates learned to read. So home-schooling, even basic home-schooling works wonders in children’s lives.

You have probably read about home-schooling and you might have talked to other parents or guardians who have home-schooled their children. But no matter what you have heard, there is more to home-schooling than just reading. When you check with your local school boards you will have the details about government regulations (and there are many) regarding home-schooling. When I first thought about home-schooling, my

second child was in the older grades. I thought about it lots because the school was polluted and it had to be shut down temporarily. We went back to conventional schooling after the building was almost re-built. My child and I learned so much from just observing nature and from visiting parks.

Your Experience

Only you know what your own experience will be like. You know yourself and you know your child better than anyone else knows them. So decide according to your needs, wants and lifestyles and your time schedule. Only you know the answer to whether you should home-school or not. Some home-school through a temporary need; perhaps a child has a broken leg and cannot attend the local school. They begin home-schooling and find that both the parent and guardian and the child like the experience, so they apply to home-school on a regular basis and everyone is happy.

One thing for sure, do not let anyone make this decision for you, and do not let anyone make you have negative feelings about home-schooling. If this is what you want, this is what you should do. Try it, you’ll like it. And if you do not like it, or if you feel it is too much of a responsibility, then it is your decision to change your mind. You will never know unless you try. You might want to try it during summer vacation or during the holidays. This offers you the opportunity to educate your child and yet neither of you miss any regular schooling or regular work

You should try home-schooling if you have the time to do it. And you? So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to investigate, prepare for and begin to home-school for your child if that is what you both want to do.

Here is one website you can begin with – check this out, many lessons are here , lessons in nature, lessons in history, lessons in art. You name it and it’s here. Click this website for your very first lesson in home schooling, and here is the Home Education Magazine link. Almost everything you need to know is here: []

If you have an interest in being on television and showing the benefits of home-schooling, please write and let me know what you feel about the subject of home-schooling and conventional schooling. Write to me at

The author is a creative, individual artists living in the United States of America. I have home-schooled children before they went to conventional school. I find that a mix between home-schooling and conventional schooling is best for all students. Presently I am working on a nationwide creative works project. Anyone interested in joining should email me.

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